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Respected by Colleagues

John is a great criminal defense attorney. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing his legal expertise in action and I would not hesitate to recommend this lawyer to any client in need.

Derek Jacques

Criminal Defense Attorney

John Tosto is an experienced and knowledgeable advocate. He gives each of his clients his very best effort and the proof is in the results he gets.

Scott Bigger

Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Tosto represents his clients with zealous enthusiasm. He has handled very difficult and challenging cases with great success. I would highly recommend him.

Heather Burnash

Family Attorney

I endorse John. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Michael Waddington

Criminal Defense Attorney

Trusted by Clients

Working with John was a game changer in my driving while intoxicated case.  After I was pulled over, I had googled everything I could find about Michigan driving law before reaching out to a handful of local lawyers.  While I learned more about the infraction, the lawyers I talked to did nothing to give me any confidence in me being able to drive for a long time.  When I talked with John, he actually asked me about me, he listened to my story and he really talked to me about my situation.  I walked into his office terrified and left feeling relieved I found the right attorney.  When I was leaving our first meeting he told me to not even think about the case, he would handle it and that's what I did.  When our date came for court John had already worked out the best possible outcome to allow me to keep my drivers license and get back to work.  His experience in case law and ability to proactively work a solution, made all the difference in the outcome of my case.   He's my Lawyer! 


Great expertise, honest and accessible! From the other side of the country, helping a family member, John was a HUGE help! We felt he was very honest and realistic with us from the beginning. Highly recommend him!


My family was involved in a bad car accident. It was an extremely stressful time and we had no idea what to do. Luckily we were referred to John Tosto. John did an amazing job walking us through the legal process. He always answered questions, was quick to return calls and I never doubted that he cared and had our best interests at heart.

John S.

John Tosto came highly recommended to me to hire him to represent me in a neighbor dispute. I contacted him and was able to schedule a consultation very quick. I retained him and as fast as I hired him was as fast as Mr. Tosto had the dispute dismissed in my favor. He is very easy to talk to, professional, confident and educated. I highly recommend him.


John is a wonderful attorney that I have used a few times now and has always been attentive and resolved my matters effectively. He has always kept me informed of every stage in the process and has been easy to reach unlike some attorneys I have dealt with. In addition, John has always been able to offer great advice on matters surrounding my case making my situation much easier to endure. His rates are reasonable and I find his legal expertise exceptional as well as his reputation with judges and other attorneys in the area. I highly recommend John Tosto to anyone seeking legal representation.